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Local Attorney for Relief from Credit Cards, Medical Bills, and Other Debt

Economic times are difficult, and many people cannot keep pace with financial obligations such as mortgage payments, credit card balances, and lingering medical bills. There is help. Bankruptcy laws exist to help people overcome overwhelming debt and either get a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or restructure debt and pay obligations over time, as in typical Chapter 13 bankruptcy actions.

Economic Times and the Need for Bankruptcy

Over the last few years, residents of Thousand Oaks have seen home prices rise sharply and drop just as fast. This inflation and deflation has been a major factor in the availability of credit and the overall mortgage burden. Coupled with the unemployment rate and general slowdown of purchasing, investing, and selling – it is no wonder bankruptcy is more necessary and socially acceptable than ever before.

Speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney Today

Only an attorney can give you legal advice. At the the Ercolani Law Group, our lawyers have the knowledge, skill, and experience to provide the counsel you need to make the best decisions for today and your future. Email our law office or call 805-338-6880.

The US Bankruptcy Code Provides Some Options – Our Law Office Can Do More

Bankruptcy is a start to improving your financial situation. Speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer will give you the information you need to decide if filing for bankruptcy is right for you and what type of bankruptcy fits your situation. Chapter 7, 11, or 13 can turn things around. If you don’t qualify for bankruptcy protection, or if you prefer not to file bankruptcy, there are other options to reduce your debt: debt negotiation or “cash for keys” may be pursued.

Options for Handling Debt Via Bankruptcy Include:

  • Discharge of unsecured debt
  • Restructuring of car loans, home loans, and other secured debt loans
  • Ending calls from creditors and collection companies

Offices Adjacent to Thousand Oaks – Get a Free Attorney Consultation

Our office is in Westlake Village, bordering Thousand Oaks. We can arrange a time to meet that fits your schedule, evenings or weekends are usually available. Get information before it is too late, and remember, there is no obligation to file for bankruptcy after speaking with us. Email our law office or call 805-338-6880 and get a free consultation.

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