Truck Accidents

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As a result of the massive size and weight of tractor-trailers, dump trucks, garbage trucks, fuel haulers, and car haulers, most collisions with regular vehicles, even SUVs, result in serious injuries. Because trucks tend to be driven by people delivering goods for companies, the trucks are usually insured by commercial policies. Companies and commercial insurers have a lot to lose, so they are the most aggressive in defending their drivers and in attempting to shift the blame for truck collisions.

Truck drivers routinely drive hundreds, even thousands of miles, frequently without adequate rest and sometimes without proper training or supervision. The unfortunate result is tens of thousands (amongst the millions on the road) of tired, inexperienced, and under-trained drivers behind the wheel of large dangerous vehicles. Another risk of large fleets of heavy equipment is that improperly maintained vehicles can cause serious accidents, even when the driver is cautious.

When trucking accidents cause serious injury or death, it is a guarantee that the at-fault company will be well-represented by experienced attorneys. Accident victims should ensure that they have the same level of aggressive legal representation. The attorneys at Ercolani Law Group have substantial experience representing truck collision victims. We pride ourselves on maintaining the best resources to thoroughly gather all information about a truck accident, including the driver, truck, and trucking company. We will also hire the most qualified experts in order to insure that our clients obtain the recovery they deserve. Please contact us today for a free case consultation.

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