Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

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Many of the attorneys and professional staff at Ercolani Law Group enjoy riding bicycles and taking walks or jogs with their families and dogs. We have a keen knowledge of the dangers surrounding pedestrians and bicycle riders on the public streets. Our lawyers have an intimate understanding of these types of cases and possess the necessary experience to successfully achieve a favorable resolution when you are injured on a bicycle or as a pedestrian.

Throughout the Conejo Valley, many of our cities, such as Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, North Ranch and Camarillo, have beautiful pedestrian and bike paths. Unfortunately, when an accident does happen to a bicyclist or pedestrian, it usually results in a serious injury in need of medical care.

Pedestrians have the right of way and motorists must give them time to cross a crosswalk before driving through. In a collision, bicyclists and pedestrians frequently suffer severe injuries. Common injuries include brain injuries (even if wearing a helmet), spinal or back injuries, and fractured bones.

If you are involved in a collision as either a bicyclist or a pedestrian, you should take pictures of your injuries and the damages to your bicycle. If possible, get the name and phone number of any witness in the vicinity. After the collision, it is important to seek prompt medical attention.

The attorneys at Ercolani Law Group have substantial experience successfully representing clients in bicycle and pedestrian accident cases.

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