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The aftermath of a car accident can cause an overwhelming burden on those injured in the incident. Frequently, the stress alone of having to handle car repairs, arranging a rental car, coordinating the inspections and fighting with the insurance company about the value of your car if it was totaled can be too much to handle when also dealing with an injury. After your accident, the stress of locating doctors to treat your injuries, making appointments with doctors, figuring out how to pay for treatment and testing can seem like more than you can handle. Couple these issues with receiving calls from insurance companies – both yours and the at-fault driver’s – and it is all quite overwhelming. While these emotional and financial burdens are unfolding, frequently the accident victim is missing work and much-needed income to deal with unforeseen expenses they should not have to shoulder themselves. At Ercolani Law Group, it is our mission to reduce your burden and help you get through the complicated maze of receiving financial compensation for your injuries. We take on all aspects of these burdens, from seeing your property damage and car rental claims through to completion and placing the check in your hand as quickly as possible, and ensure that you obtain the medical care you need regardless if you have health insurance or not.

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