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Eliminate Debt Today: Start with Legal Advice from an Experienced Lawyer

Due to economic downturn, many people are facing the problematic situation of not being able to meet all of their financial obligations. At the Ercolani Law Group, you will discuss your financial issues with an experienced attorney dedicated to helping you, no matter how complicated your situation may be.

We are committed to helping individuals and small businesses in Agoura Hills. We understand the stress and uncertainty that comes with mounting debt. Bankruptcy laws allow individuals to regain control of their financial situation by providing protection from creditors and the elimination of most debts. The goal of our bankruptcy attorneys is to help you find a solution that relieves the pressure and uncertainty involved with debt.

The Benefits of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can protect you from:

  • Foreclosure
  • Repossession of your automobiles
  • IRS harassment
  • Pending lawsuits and judgments
  • Creditor harassment via telephone
  • Garnishment of wages

An Agoura Hills Lawyer Working For Your Benefit

When dealing with bankruptcy issues, we know our clients are generally overwhelmed and worried about their future. You may be receiving harassing phone calls, legal notices and threats of wage garnishments and lawsuits. Our goal is to take the load off of your shoulders. By allowing us to handle your financial matters through the bankruptcy process, you can experience immediate relief from all creditor collection agencies. All future communications regarding your debt will be handled by your bankruptcy lawyer. Our legal team will keep you informed of all that is happening with your case during the entire process.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

When dealing with bankruptcy in Agoura Hills, there will be many decisions to make. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough and complete review of your finances, along with a confidential and detailed interview with you to assist in determining the strategy that will be used to once again obtain your financial freedom. With the right approach, you can experience the many benefits that bankruptcy or other forms of debt relief can offer you. There is no obligation to file for bankruptcy after speaking with us. Email our law office or call 805-338-6880 to get a free consultation about your financial situation and learn about your options for a better future.

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